Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Long Hiatus, Current Efforts

I haven't posted here in about half a year, and it has been even longer since I posted anything to my DeviantArt account. I haven't did any serious art until recently in the time passing, but as always, I was crunching creative data in my head. I'm always working on something Drumlore related, even if it isn't a serious project. Its still my passion, as it will always be.

So, as of late, the Golboren language and culture (previously Golbåric/Golbåreh) as endured a small revision. The å character (which made a sound similar to 'oh') has been removed in favor of a standard o. Their accent will cause their o's to sound more like å, but that isn't important to the reader. Not important enough to approach in the stories anyway. When guides to learning Golboren emerge, I'll address it there.

I would also like to express my immense gratitude to all those who voted to settle the "Golboran vs. Golboren" debate!!

Racial migration and settlement prior to civilization developing has been slightly revised and is still being worked on. Here is a picture of the revised roots that was hastily drawn in microsoft paint when the idea first hit me. No, I'm not going to spend my day trying to explain the colors and intersection and origin points. I'll do that when I make a better, clearer image, I promise.

A short story draft has just recently been completed and will soon make its premier on Deviantart. (I'm awaiting feedback from my 'editors', e.g. the family I'm asking 'please read my story!') When printed, the first copy was around eight and a half pages long in decently small text, so I'm elated that I managed to stick to a project long enough to finish it and that it ended up not summarized and halfhearted. Anyway, the draft is titled The Troll Affair and will be about a young Orvodas Lu'khavi, who at the age of seven wandered away from his Uncle's ranch to find himself lost in the woods just before nightfall, and how he survives and encounter with the most fearsome beast in the wood: a troll. Here is the strange cover it will have on Deviantart, penned by me on a whim:

Stay tuned in, fans and friends, as there is already another short story in the works (whose cover I still need to devise) that will be the first installment of quite a few, and it is already nearing completion. It follows Dugalan Koldroskaro, an elite scout and infiltrator for the Golboren, during his stay working an At'mavan plantation as a slave, and how he comes to befriend the most unlikely of people. To spice things up, here's a spoiler: The last installment will be his escape.

Also, I'll try to keep any lore developments that are of interest or enough substance documented on the drumlog, especially if they involve pictures. We all like pictures.

~Matt H.

P.S.: Oh yeah. And I'm calling myself Matthew now, not Iivari-Matias. It's easier on people here in the states.

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