Saturday, August 10, 2013

Story Time!

     This is my first entry using a tablet. Specifically, my mom's Nook. It is a pretty fun experience... I can't wait to get a tablet of my own. I want a super good one with a good drawing program or the ability to work Photoshop. I want to draw everywhere!  Right now, I'm blogging while leveling my runecrafting skill on the runespan on Runescape. Its just a hair away from being 89, woot woot. Its the highest skill I've ever had, and I've been playing since I was 8 back in 1999. Of course, not only was I young, but I was always making new characters back then.
     Anyway, I'm about to see if this Nook will run Google Drive. I'm presently working on a story about a young sorceror discovering his powers for the first time, and how they take him to unexpected places across the land of At'mavi. Unlike the stories that I used to write when I was young, which were written using large font sizes, I am writing in size 10 and have already almost cleared two pages so far. It is, so far, very fun. Excersizing the old talents that have been collecting dust for ages. I misspelled excersize apparently but I don't know how to right click and fix it on here... aww man.
         So let me try and educate for those who are interested! First let me wrangle up a picture of the protagonist.

....I just took so long trying to copy an image onto this blog post using that tablet that I not only gave myself a headache, but wasted so much time that my Runecrafting hit 89 and I am already 15% towards 90.  So I am not on the same computer that I'm playing Runescape on.

Now for that link. I can't believe it's been over a year since I drew this picture...

This is our main character: Felval Falspar. As an adult, he is the most powerful magician that the elite Uramjen assassins have ever employed. As a child, however, he was born to the upper end of poverty in a small village cut off from the rest of the world by ice and stone. The story starts in the fishing village of Darunios, an old town founded by the Falspar family. The only access to the village during the summer is by boating down the Heskegi river or taking a boat along the coast and approaching it via the bay, but in winter, the bay is cut off and few dare to treck along the frozen Heskegi to get there.
In winter, the town survives on dried stores of food, ice fishing, and whaling beyond the reach of the frozen bay's ice sheet. It takes a lot of work and a lot of patience.
    Felval never had much patience. He did his share of the work alotted to him, but it wasnt often met with care or eagerness. What he finds worthy to devote his attention to is his studying. In the long run, as when he is forced away to Heskegi Univesity, that side of him will pay off.
     He is forced into leaving his home when he saves his friend in a feat of magic. The town immediately deemed him a supernatural anomaly, and a merchant stepped in to rescue him from the scared townsfolk, claiming that he could cure him. He took Felval to Heskegi University, not to fix him, but to nurture the strange and rare talent within him, which elated the boy.

     I'm going to stop here, because I don't want to spoil the story, but if you're interested in a story of explorations in ruins lost to mankind eons ago, of self discoveries, of crippling curses and terrible punishment, of success in against the odds and finding warmth in the barren cold winter, Then brace yourself for the biographical tale of young wizard-turned-assassin Felval Falspar!!!

...acceptable salespitch is acceptable.

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