Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Name Change Update!

Mosque in Abu Dhabi |ॐ| G-g-gaaah-gorgeous!!

Hey guys!

Today, I've officially updated the name of the white-sand desert that has been sitting as "Middlestream" for countless years. It's one of those things that I was never sure how to go about renaming, but I KNEW it needed it, because my world doesn't speak english... so you know. Why would it have a place named with two english words.

Anyway! To keep with the theme of "Middlestream" and calling the residents "Middians"... I've chosen to rename it to "Midel" (mai-DEHL) with the people referred to as "Midelians" (mai-DEHL-lee-uns) or (mih-DEHL-lee-uns).

I know that no official map of any worth has been posted of the world in a good long while, but if you would like to see what the land of Midel looks like, take a peek at this pinboard on pinterest! Have a pinterest account? Follow me! :D I'm very active.

Greetings, Friends

Hello, Welcome, Sat Nam,

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