Friday, July 21, 2017

Character Practice: Gen. 1 Koldrogan Series

I've been drawing my head off recently, with some writing mixed in. I'm feeling great. I’ve been trying to put a face to all of the characters from Generation 1 of the Koldrogan storyline. Granted, a few didn’t make it on the list, and there will undoubtedly be more as the story progresses, but I managed 16 before really finding the need to move onto scarier things, like poses and expressions.

I’ll post the main picture and then split it up row-by-row for the who’s-who.

I'm one proud pappy.

So, row one, from left to right...

1. Dugalan Koldroskaro [Name roughly means “Spirit of Honor” and “One From the Plains Tribe”]: Antegga’s cousin and Kundabren’s right-hand man.
2. Svoga-Doga Kundabren [Names mean “Stone-Warden” and “Wiseblood”]: Antegga’s self-proclaimed big brother and right-hand man. Calling him Svoga-Doga is a no-no unless he REALLY likes you. Narrator of the story, as he is chronicling Antegga’s story throughout their lives.
3. Antegga Koldroskaro [Namemeans “Heartsong” and “One from the Plains Tribe”]: THE main character. I could go on for days, but I won’t until I have better drawings. Future warlord of Koldrogan. Also has a lion doll.
4. Goldona Borseto [Name means “Earth Daughter” and “Windspeaker”] A main character. Kundabren’s sister, who took her mother’s surname out of spite to their father, whom she loathes. She also loathes Kundabren, and the feeling is pretty mutual.
5. Kuldinaro Koldrogano [Name means “Sentimental One” and “Of Koldrogan”] A roaming shaman and loremaster who collects folk tales, songs, and current news as he travels. Friends in many places. Pacifist if he can possibly help it. Apparently looks like Jesus without his headdresses and paints on.

Second row, left to right:

1. Malgra: The only character whose name I do not have a meaning to. Also, the first picture drawn of her. Original shaman of Antegga’s hometribe, exiled when he takes command of it. This turns her into the closest thing to a villain on this list… terrifying shamaness. TERRIFYING.
2. Tambra: Not Golboren at all, but Nebaiche-Sivlan, from the far north of the globe. Brought over as a slave from another contenent by Mehega’s group of characters to guide them to the great fire spirit of Koldrogan, because he spoke enough Golboren to translate for them. Caused so much trouble that Teluro “sold” him over to Antegga just to be rid of him. He’d become the blacksmith and Kundabren’s dungeon buddy. (In the assistant torturer sense, not kinky LOL)
3. Brenugan Kuto [Name means “Blood Raven” “Of the Clouds”] Looks hilarious without his warpaint. The most terrifying warlord in the east… None dare challenge him. Likes to feel the blood of the enemy run down his chin when he bites them at the neck.
4. “White Wolf” [Actual name is Ruroga, meaning Blizzard] This is the first picture drawn of him. A Charro, sort of a crazed feral druid. He is Golboren, but born albino. He is also mute, but that was his own doing. His hair was supposed to be matted/dreaded somewhat. Looks funny without sticks, dirt, and berries covering him.
5. Begruni [Name means “Wolf Mother”] A witch, meaning mastery over the spirit world AND the supernatural. She came out looking too young here compared to the others. Anyway, she’s Malgra’s sister. They’d like to see each other dead, but their rivalry is more serious than Kundabren’s and Goldona’s. Also, she keeps Ruroga captive, but they love one another.

Third row, left to right.

1. Garudan Koldroskaro [Name means “Spirit of the Hunter” and “One from the Plains Tribe”] Father of three of the character’s on the list, including Antegga. His tragic death starts the whole story in motion. This is the first picture drawn of him.
2. Nakna Koldroskaro [Name is a profession similar to “Shieldmaiden”] Garudan’s wife, mother of Antegga and his sisters. The actual villain of book one. This is the first picture drawn of her.
3. Antegga’s older sister, who is currently in the market for a good name. Strong, stern, but loves a good laugh and a good drink. Supports Antegga despite knowing she could oust him and command the tribe for herself. This is the first picture drawn of her.
4. Suri Koldroskaro [Her name meaning is still under development too, actually] Antegga’s younger sister. Eager warrior, but hyper and undisciplined. She swears she’ll wed Kundabren some day, but he is as far from interested as possible. This is the first picture drawn of her.
5. Kaigavan Kundabren [Name means “Lion Cub” “Wiseblood”] I really didn’t do him justice, but he did come out looking like a cave man… cave troll. So that’s good. He’s kind of bitter. His wife bit his ear off and left him. Oh, and he’s Kundabren’s father and an important elder spirit that shamans make pilgrimages to visit.
6. Kundabren’s mother, also unnamed. Looks like she will burn your village to the ground, lol. Her kids definitely took after her… which really gripes their father. She runs a particular ancient syndicate of spies, scouts, assassins etc in Koldrogan… like, completely. Sweet on the outside, but not the woman you want to offend. This is the first picture drawn of her.

I can’t wait to get better with poses. I’m FLIPPIN’ TERRIFIED though. I’m a stiff, unanimated person, unless Heavy Metal Perse is playing apparently, then I have to fight to contain myself. Naturally, this means my poses come out stiff and inexperienced. I did do a pose sheet recently though, as well as this picture of Kundabren:

I drew that and didn’t finish it because 1. those pauldrons are really not Golboren but I didn’t have the heart to erase them, 2. I can do way better than that on hair, and 3. the pose is ambiguous at best. The arm seems wrong, the hands are way too small, feet are too small, his body is FAR too lean, like, I WAS SO WORRIED GETTING THE POSE RIGHT that I forgot the person I was drawing was supposed to have some freakin’ muscle. Like, Kundabren gets some thick muscle for a good long time… not ugly ripped comic hero, just naturally bigger.

I lose my head is what I’m saying, lol. I want to make an outfit and height chart and practice expressions, but anxiety. I’m sure as hell about to dive in, though. Maybe I should start with what I AM cool with… headbanging and moshing poses. LOL no, no… maybe.


Here were the sketches that came before the drawings :) ANTEGGA LOOKS MORE LIKE HIMSELF IN THE DAMN SKETCH. I was like… damn.

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