Rules of the Realm

Author's Rules to the Realm

By Matthew D. Hammond, also known as Iivari-Matias

Rule 1: On Sexual Topics

  1. At no point in the Drumlore series/franchise will I write or condone the writing of stories involving sexual abuse. I feel it is a moral injustice when this is used in a fantasy realm. Many people use fantasy-fiction as escapism, and real victims of these very real crimes should not have to be reminded of such events in a form of entertainment. I wont say that it has not happened at any point in the history of Novan-Gan, but I certainly won't be writing about it.
  2. I will not write about, nor will I condone, the use of LGBT prejudice. That applies to every character and all cultures. No one should have to fear the world for what they are. In fact, I can only recall two characters that have an issue with it: Orvodas Lu'khavi and Antegga Koldroskaro. Orvodas does not mind LGBT, but men making out embarrasses him and makes him a little queasy. Antegga acts a tad bothered when the notion is brought up due to his own insecurities on the matter, but he does not speak out against its practice. His is a personal struggle.
    1. Other forms of sexual prejudice, such as sexism in general, are kept to a minimum. When these circumstances appear, they are not glorified or openly condoned. 

Rule 2: Underlying Philosophies

  1. If you are familiar with the philosophies of Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, then this will help you better understand the focus my world. The general story themes employed throughout the planned novels, novellas, and/or short stories follow a theme that, in fact, Rousseau was Right, favoring the romanticism of the not fully civilized man as ideal, the troubles of countries when they favor power and growth of itself over the growth of self-love and reason in the individual, and the notion that the land and its bounty belongs to everyone. 
    1. Villains are only villains because their good intentions were misguided or insanity has torn at their mind. People tend to make the better decision, when given a choice, favoring morals over self gain, and if self gain is chosen, it is probably because their self gain can be used to aid others.

Rule 3: What Differs from Earth

  1. The planet, unless stated otherwise, works like Earth would. This applies to everything, from how the ecosystems work to the timing of the tides. 
    1. There are no additional metals in the world that do not exist on earth, e.g. Mithril and Adamantium. Metals and alloys function exactly as they would on earth.
  2. Nobody speaks English. This rule is simple: Although the stories in the realm are written and translated into various languages of Earth, all spoken dialogue is to be considered a translation of how they actually said it in their own language. The stories will be told from a character or group of characters who speak a language. That language will be the default language of the story.
    1.  If he/she/they encounter any other characters that speak any language that they are unfamiliar with, it will not be written in English. It will be sounded out in earthen text to solidify that the characters do not understand what the person is saying.
    2. Furthermore, if any visual media is to be released that depicts anything in written form within the realm of Drumlore, it is not to be translated into English on its source. It should be written in the alphabet, calligraphy, or hieroglyphs of the language of its intended origin. Characters may speak its meaning aloud in English or the default translated language of the piece. 
    3. Names are excluded from this rule. Names of cities or characters will not be displayed in english by default. Their meanings may be explained in other ways, such as informing a character unfamiliar with the name's language, or explained by the narrator to the reader.
  3. The Gods are real. All deities and divines related to the Global Religion of Novan-Gan are real manifested, visible beings. They have created an entire Creation Mythology around themselves, but their true origin is unknown to the third and second era.
    1. Some cultures that do not adhere to the Global Religion may still worship polytheistic pantheons, but there is no evidence to support their beliefs as real.
  4. Yliaster/Prima Materia is a real substance achievable through advanced alchemy. This substance is a seamless combination of the three necessary components of existence: Matter, Energy, and the Invisible Law (Mathematics & Physics, a.o.) 
    1. Yliaster contamination is the source of all magic
  5. The spirit world is undoubtedly real. Where this notion is not fully accepted by all beliefs on Earth, it is embraced by all cultures on Novan-Gan as true. Creation Mythology confirms the spirit world as a reality for those who follow the Global Religion, as one of their Gods, Balki, presides over it. Other cultures find their assurance through shamanism.

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