Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Fresh Simple Approach

Alright, for now, I have altered the template on the blog to a really simple one. I did it because the former template was not one that I have made myself--which is no fun--and with thoughts that this will bring out the actual blog content, letting it speak for itself. Many of my preferred blogs keep their pages clean and simple, so hey, why not give it a try? </ br>
Recent news: I've been writing down a list of words that I would love to use in a writing project. Some of them seemed to follow a 'regal' theme, while others seemed good for use in an investigation, et cetera. It got me thinking, and I devised an idea. I've started a Writer's Aid archive using Lexique Pro, a dictionary compiling freeware. Since it allows you to give entries "categories," I decided to make an entry for each interesting word with it's part of speech listed, it's definition, and example sentence, and then conclude it with a category. Words that seem regal will be tagged as such, so that if I am ever writing a scene in a throne room, having something to do with royalty, emperors, kings, et cetera, I can click on that category and voi la! I have a list of good words to flavor up the text appropriately. If anyone is interested in my archive, comment me and I will send it to you in its current state! That's my news for now. Yours forever, I.-M. H. P.S.: Enjoy this picture of a flower:


  1. That is a very pretty flower and you know I'd like to see the list. I was actually writing a scene earlier involving royalty and found some of the words I chose to use feeling a bit lacking. However, as a 1st draft that's fine. Again I'd love to see the list though, even if I did see it when it was pretty new! :)

    1. Since I'm still inputting my first list from my pocket book, I'm going to wait and finish punching those in, but right after, I'll send them your way.


    2. Awesome, thanks! Do you have 'Sycophant' in your 'regal' category yet by the way? That's one word I was happy to use.