Friday, November 16, 2012

What do you guys think?

Ok here is the brief rundown on what I'd like opinions on... The Cult of Shaegon is like the apple that Eve took from the Serpent. Shaegon is kind of like the Serpent (Satan) in that picturing... They represent wisdom that the Gods would have mortalkind never know. I've been tweaking the purpose and powers of the Cult of Shaegon for a long time, and I feel like I'm bordering a breakthrough. Here is what I know about them for certain:
  • They support the concept of "Truth" and "Study" in the name of an ancient soul (Shaegon) who was imprisoned by the Gods.
  • They support the public turning their back on their Gods or, in a more extreme measure, destroying them.
  • They keep well hidden, working behind the scenes like the Illuminati.
  • They like to wear black and paint a symbol on their faces during meetings.
  • Some, the leaders at least, maintain a fragile immortality... they'll live forever, agelessly, unless their body is killed.
What I'm asking...
Does this theory on their immortality seem reasonable or too far-fetched and/or stupid?
They maintain longevity by exchanging their spirit and soul with that of a new host-- more than likely that host would be kidnapped or perhaps bred for that purpose, going right along with the Cults 'darker' tones.
As for their memories... I don't know. Perhaps their procedure has a way of imprinting those memories into the soul or spirit (kind of like how people believe in past lives and having dreams or deja vu involving memories of a place they've never been to.)
I'm wanting to make sure that isn't just 'the kind of stuff from magical fairy kingdom' type of magic... I like my magic to be relatable... methodical. Somehow almost logical.
Comment me either on this blog or on the shared post on facebook with your viewpoint, comment, or question!! I'm excited to know what you think.
---Iivari-Matias Hammonds

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